Our Story

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I’m Silvana Conti, owner of Impeccably Placed Professional Organizing in New York City. Bringing order and restoring balance in the spaces that surround me has always been my passion. I find immense joy in creating functional spaces that help my clients streamline their homes and busy lives while encouraging mindfulness and productivity.

As a NYC resident, I understand how the lack of time and energy can take its toll and allow clutter to creep in, affecting our mood and well-being. By guiding you every step of the way, or doing it all for you, I’m able to transform an overwhelming process into a seamless one; free of stress and anxiety. Whether you want a more streamlined space, a seamless moving experience, or a beautifully staged home, I have carefully considered every detail and curated all–inclusive packages to make the process simple, elegant, and efficient. 


Creating a space that is Impeccably Placed is more than just decluttering; it is a ritual, one that cleanses you and brings calm to your home and life.